Portal FEB interviewed Nathaniel Paul Cragun – Hope’s director

1 – What is your training and profession?

I am a network technician for the U.S. Air Force . I love film and history, particularly the history of the Second World War , since I was a boy . Studied history and even have my own collection of uniforms and equipment of World War II . My research collection and has even led to several monitors and presentations in schools , universities and military bases . Regarding the movie , I had no formal training and so taught me almost everything I know since I was 8 years old. I have, however , helped with various productions , including the latest Saints and Soldiers .


2 – When did your interest in World War II ?

My interest in World War II began when I was a youngster. My father was an Air Force pilot and he always told me about the history of Air Force aircraft . I had a special love for airplanes of World War II . Today , I collect things especially from the USA WWII Air Force because of this passion .

3 – How was your experience in Brazil and the first contact with the FEB ?

In 2010 , I moved to Rio de Janeiro to serve as a Mormon missionary . While serving there, I learned that Brazil had served in World War II . I was very interested in it and asked everyone about it , but no one knew any details about what was served and where the FEB . I returned to the United States in 2012 , I learned about the history of the FEB . I was so excited to learn that Brazil had such an interesting role in the war .

4 – How was the initiative of roteirizar and direct a film about the FEB ?
After learning about the FEB , I wanted to make a film about them . One day I was talking to a Brazilian friend , Edu Queiroz , and decided to finally do it . That was in September 2013. I started researching on the FEB , buying some books and got in touch with some collectors and specialists in Brazil . I then wrote a story that will appeal to enthusiasts and those who do not know very much about the FEB .

5 – What is the plot of the movie ?
The story is about an Australian soldier during the Battle of Montese , Italy , in April 1945 . After losing most of his friends during an ambush , he has a mental battle with himself . We hope we can show how the war is difficult for anyone .

6 – How was the selection of the cast ? His colleagues knew a Brazilian troops in the Italian front ?
Brazilians who I chose to be the main actors were some missionaries who served with me in Rio One is Rio and the other is from Sao Paulo . Meet other members of staff HERE

7 – You Gotta sponsors or developed a plan for raising funds?

All my funds come from me , my family or close friends . If we had more money we could do more , but now we have enough for what we do.

8 – As the first phase of the recordings ?
The first recording was great! We shot for about 3 hours in the snow will be the first two minutes of the film . It will be a prologue that introduces the characters around . Everyone is super excited for the recordings in March.

9 – What is the forecast for project completion ?

I hope to have the film completed in September this year . Dai will debut the film in a film festival at the end of the year so I can have the film fully launched in early 2015.

10 – You want to take the project to compete for film festivals ?

I hope to take the film to the Sundance Film Festival , Slamdance Film Festival , and the festival LDS film . According to the return , I will take you to others.

12 – How do you want the movie available ?

I’m hoping to have the film available for free online . I am, however , this time trying to find a way to distribute DVDs for those who want .

13 – The Movie Fan page gained 1,500 likes in about 1 month . Are you amazed with the return of Brazilian fans ?

I’m super excited about it . I originally hoped that this film would be unknown , but with all these fans , I ‘m really hoping I can influence people to remember their history . I’m just nervous if people will like .

14 – Leave a message for us .

I just want everyone to know the importance of history. Not just the story of FEB but history in general . If we fail to remember history are doomed to repeat it . We are the future , we can make a story that is taught to our children and grandchildren . Let’s make them proud !


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